Youth Archery
Want to be an archer? Enroll your child in this unique course that teaches the Olympic sport of recurve archery! Participants will learn focus, patience, mental discipline and control in order to achieve success in the shot process. The right form always leads to the best results and the benefits of emphasizing these steps carry over academically for students to improve in the classroom and off the range. All equipment is provided.

Adult Archery
Imagine your favorite leisure activities and sports mixed together – this combination defines recurve archery. Learn the basics in this new introductory course and begin focusing on the posture, alignment, muscle memory and control. Our instructors will keep you engaged throughout the program with creative skill building games, drills and individual friendly competitions that will leave you wanting more. Class size is limited, sign up early! All equipment is provided.

Class Length: 1 Hour
Min/Max: 1/3
Ages: Youth and Adult Vary
Location: Varies

Winter Sessions 2020: February 23 to March 22
 Section  Dates Day Time  Ages Location   Fee
Youth Archery Winter 3/1-3/29 Su 3:30-4:30pm Grades 4-9 Ripley Gym $169
Adult Archery Winter 3/1-3/29 Su 3:30-4:30pm Ages 15+ Ripley Gym $169

Spring Sessions 2020: April 29 to May 27th 

 Section  Dates Day Time  Ages Location   Fee
Youth Archery Spring 4/29-5/27  W  6:30-7:30PM  Grades 4-9 Davis School- Bedford $169
Adult Archery Spring 4/29-5/27  W  7:30-8:30PM  Ages 15+ Davis School- Bedford $169

Summer Sessions 2020: Varies

 Section  Dates Day Time  Ages Location   Fee
Youth Archery Summer  7/20-7/24 M-F 6:30-7:30PM  Grades 4-9  Davis School- Bedford $169
Adult Archery Summer 7/20-7/24  M-F  6:30-7:30PM  Ages 15+ Davis School-Bedford $169
Youth Archery Summer 7/29-8/26  6:30-7:30PM  Grades 4-9 Banta Davis Field Carlisle $169
Adult Archery Summer 7/29-8/26  6:30-7:30PM  Ages 15+ Banta Davis Field Carlisle  $169