Youth Swim Lessons

Concord Recreation offers a variety of swim lessons for children ages 6 months and up.  
To see the current, seasonal class offerings, please visit this link

Class descriptions are listed below. Check out our Swim Level Flow Chart to figure out what level your child should be in. Please call our Aquatics Program Manager at 978-287-1003 with additional questions.


For ages 6-36 months. Designed to help children become comfortable in the aquatic environment. Parents will be introduced to basic skills such as entering/exiting the pool safely, kicking and blowing bubbles. Skills will be taught to the parent who will work with the child at their own pace. Toys and songs will be incorporated into the learning process. Adult must participate in the water with child.  


For ages 3-4 years old. Participants work towards basic skills including body positions, blowing bubbles, submerging, floating, kicking, arm action and jumping all done with support.   


For ages 4-5 years old. Must have successfully passed Preschool 1.  Child must be able to perform 5 rhythmic bobs and comfortable with submerging.  Continues to reinforce basic skills but with little or no assistance. Emphasis is placed on floating, arm and leg action and an introduction to rhythmic breathing.


 Instruction to Water Skills:  Students will learn how to feel comfortable in the water and safely enjoy it.


Fundamentals of Aquatic Skills: Children will earn basic swimming skills. Students must complete Level 1 to enter level 2. (Requirements for this level: Child can float on back and put head under water)


Stroke Development: Additional guided practice will help students improve their skills. Students must complete Level 2 to enter Level 3. (Requirements for this level: Child can swim front stroke and on back stroke)


Stroke Improvement: Students will gain confidence during swim lesson, improve their stroke and gain additional aquatic skills. Students must complete Level 3 to enter Level 4. (Requirements for this level: Child can front and back crawl 25 yards)


Stroke Refinement: Guidance allows children to refine their strokes and become more efficient swimmers. Students must complete Level 4 to enter Level 5. (Requirements for this level: Child can freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke 25 yards; can scissor kick, whip kick, tread water, and dive)


Swimming and Skill Proficiency:  Student will learn to swim with ease and efficiency and gain the ability to swim smoothly over greater distances. Students must complete Level 5 to enter Level 6. (Requirements for this level: Child can swim front and back crawl 50 yards, elementary backstroke 25 yards, butterfly 25 yards, sidestroke 10 yards, tread 3 minutes, and dive)


Are you seeking to take your swimming to the next level? Coach John will work with each athlete to sharpen stroke technique, starts & turns, race strategy and provide personalized training sessions. Private training has a max of one swimmer, Semi-private training has a max of two per session, each with their own lane. To qualify for the program, swimmers must be on a USA swim team, or have recently qualified for High School district, sectional or state meet championships.