Class Descriptions

Concord Recreation offers a variety of land fitness classes at our various facilities. To see the current, seasonal offerings, please visit our registration site by visiting this link.

BABY & ME BOOT CAMP: Bring your child to a great workout at Hunt Gym consisting of cardio and strength exercises. You’ll get a fantastic workout with no need for a babysitter! Be sure to bring a car seat or stroller for your child. Ages 6 weeks to 1.5 years old.

BABY & ME DANCE: Get your groove on with your baby this fall! Bring baby in secure baby carrier for a fun dance class.  We’ll jam to great tunes as we disco, two-step and salsa throughout the 30 minutes.  The last 20 minutes of class includes time to get to know one another and allow the babies to visit too!  This class is for non-crawling infants only - Ages 6 weeks to 6 months.

BODY SCULPTING: Work all major muscle groups using a variety of strengthening equipment and your own body! This class is designed to build strength, increase bone density, build lean muscle while toning and shaping your body.

BOOT CAMP: This one hour class is a low impact, high intensity workout with the focus on maximum cardio benefit. We will utilize body weight and a variety of equipment and High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) to maximize cardio, strength and balance.

GENTLE FLOW YOGA: Yoga, that means union, is a great way to feel more connected with the nature around us. We’ll practice Sun salutation, Moon salutation, Tree pose, and other movements, asanas and meditations connected with Mother Earth. This class is suitable for every level, Eleonora will offer modifications to meet everyone where they are.

GENTLE YOGA: Practicing at a slower pace with warm-ups, we will move through a variety of low impact yoga postures with the option to deepen or modify based on personal need. The movements are designed to open your hips, shoulders, neck, and lengthen your spine. Emphasis will be on breathing and quiet reflection while building strength, flexibility, balance, mental calm, and rejuvenation. All levels welcome!

HIKE YOGA: Forest Bathing (Shinrin-yoku) is a mindfulness practice focused on using your senses surrounded by nature to stay in the present moment. Join us for a mindful wooded hike in Hapgood Wright Town Forest. Starting from the parking lot along Walden Street, we will make our way through the woods, stopping along features such as Fairyland Pond before making our way to the reflection circle on Brister’s Hill where we will unroll our mats and practice an all levels yoga class at the summit. Afterwards, we will take in the view before heading back down to complete the loop. All skill levels welcome!

PILATES W/ WEIGHTS: Classical Pilates with small hand weights to sculpt upper body and lower body, as well as abs, finishing with deep stretch.

SPIN: This high-energy hour of indoor cycling to music is guaranteed to challenge your heart rate and shape your glutes. All fitness levels will thrive as you set the pace to accomplish your personal best.

STRETCH & ARTHRITIS: The Stretch and Arthritis class is a low-impact exercise program from the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program (AFEP). The objectives of this class focus on improving functional ability, mobility, muscle strength and coordination. The class aims to reduce fatigue, pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. Key activities include multiple exercise activities such as warm-up, range of motion/stretching, strengthening, cardiovascular endurance, and cool down. Balance and coordination activities are included.

STRETCH & STRENGTH: This 60 minute class consists of flowing yoga sequences that create a high-energy workout designed to improve your physical and mental health.

WALK YOUR WAY TO WELLNESS: Join us and learn to walk with less stress on your body, prepare, execute & stretch. Participants must be able to walk on uneven surfaces without the use of any equipment (walker, cane, etc).

YIN YOGA: Finding the stability and strength to embrace stillness while surrounded by your busy day to day is always a humbling challenge. Yin Yoga is a wonderful complementary practice to everyday life. It offers an opportunity to slow down with long(er) held postures that help improve flexibility of the body and mind. Most postures are seated or supine and are suitable for all levels.

YOGA FOR STIFF PEOPLE: If you feel stiff and old (or even stiff and young!) this class is for you! No fancy yoga clothes required. Class is an hour long and Kelly will offer  variations on each yoga pose so that you can find the one that works best for your body. Bring your own mat, two blocks and a strap, or use the equipment provided by the rec center.  This is not necessarily a gentle yoga practice, but can be very gentle if that is what you need- Kelly encourages everyone to make modifications when needed, or go further if the energy and flexibility allows.  You will get used to the yoga poses each week and will be able to see your progress in your strength and flexibility. Kelly will lead you through yoga poses that encourage balance, strength and lots of stretching and deep breathing to get those stiff muscles relaxed! This class is for men and women and anyone who wants more movement in their lives. All are welcome!