Our recreational swim team is designed to provide children with a positive team environment for learning good sportsmanship through competitive swimming. All four competitive strokes will be developed as well as starts and turns. The team is intended for swimmers to improve their swimming skills, build self confidence, and make new friends. Our team is part of the Metro Swim League and will participate in TBA virtual meets for the 2020-2021 season.


If you are new to our team this year- WELCOME! Been with us before, WELCOME BACK!

Please read this information thoroughly so you know what to expect during the first practice.

  • A bag big enough for all your stuff
  • Bathing suit- worn to practice
  • Towel
  • Goggles (an extra pair is always handy)
  • Flipper/Fins- these are not required but Beede fins will not be available. Kickboards and pull buoys will be available but families may want to have their own.
  • Clothes to change into if necessary
  • All Otters must swim on their designated swim time and day. There will be no making up missed practices on other days.
  • All Otters under 14 must have a parent/guardian on the premises in the bleachers or in their car. The lobby tables have been removed. No siblings or extra family members please.
  • We cannot keep a lost and found. Try to keep track of those goggles, water bottles, etc!
  • Please come to practice already wearing your suit so you can bypass the locker room.
  • Swimming in the pools before and/or after practice is not permitted.
  • When you enter Beede, check in at the front desk and initial by your name.
  • Go downstairs and directly onto the pool deck.
  • Head straight to the back wall by Lane 8. Put your bag on the benches or hooks. Put all clothes in your bag. Take a quick rinsing shower in our on-deck showers. Wait by your bag for directions from your coaches. All of this should be done with a mask on. Masks may be removed when you are ready to enter your lane. Maureen is requesting that all swimmers be ready to swim 5 minutes before start time.
  • After practice, swimmers will be released by lane so there is no crowding around the bags. Masks are the first thing to go on. To avoid the locker room again, dry off and put your clothes back on and leave Beede the way you came. The Locker Rooms are open for changing if need be. Showers, suit spinners, lockers, and hair dryers continue to not be permitted.
  • Please be on time for pick up. There is no place for the kids to wait except outside.

All swimmers are requested to register for at least two practice times per week.

  • Swimmers must attend practice that they are registered for. There will be no make-ups on different days. 
  • Swimmers under the age of 14 must have a parent/guardian present in the building or in their car while they are in the program.

The Metro League will not host in-person meets this year, but will be participating in TBA virtual meets.

10 & under swimmers will only have 3 swimmers per lane and 11 & up swimmers will only have 4 swimmers per lane.                                            

All participants will stay socially distant from each other and wear a mask when not in the water.

Aquatics Programs Policies

The team suit is NOT required this year, but if you would like one anyway or any other Otters gear. Here’s the website.